I Met Surfer3545!

24 08 2009

Hey, I was on Pandanda on maple, ( in case you don’t know its just another online game) in Bear Hollow when there was a big crowd and I thought Henry was there but then I found out it was Surfer3435, He is famous for his blog on CP, so later I asked him if he could go on CP and he said ok, luckily none else on pandanda saw him say hes goin on Cp, lol. So I got a few pics, here they are:


That is Surfer3545 on Pandanda in the red circle.


This is when we went on to CP, lol I didn’t need to highlight but thats me in the red circle and Surfer3435 in the black circle.





9 responses

24 08 2009

Dude, save the header as .PNG not .JPG for better quality

24 08 2009


24 08 2009

but then the header comes out really small

28 08 2009

can i be on ur blogroll?

29 08 2009

yo my new username is surfer x01 😉

10 09 2009

Hey me and my friends are getting the word around about this new awesome blog http://universofpenguins.wordpress.com and we are giving away a rare 1,000 day old penguin in a contest so please evryone waddle on over and could you put it in your blogroll?
BTW i am more famous then him for my blogs!

10 09 2009

lol, cool I will put you on my blogroll.

28 09 2009

I used adobe photshop cs4

28 09 2009

oh, cool thanks I will try it out

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