About my penguin

My penguin wears a red flying hat, a red and black stripes T-shirt, a friendship bracelet, brown boots, and his colour is red, and sometimes I might have a stuffed parrot on m neck and have a Rockhopper backround sometimes. Here is a picture of my penguin when he is a non-member.  Smile 



Here is how it looks when it is a  member.

My penguin is almost a year old. It is pretty rare and has lots of items. My penguin name is game 2002 so if you see me just say hi or anything like that. I am a tour guide and a secret agent. I finished all the missions. I got a blue puffle and a red puffle. You can mostly find me on the server slushy and crunch but mostly on slushy. Here are pics of some of my buddies






Club yellow2






Naruto 2002


Orange poppy



Sohaib Blue





Hi Asif



11 responses

9 11 2008

hey clubpenguin852 could u plz update my picture

10 11 2008

Isn’t your penguin Hamaad1. If not comment and tell me when u can meet me on clubpenguin. Tell time in PST. And also tell server. then i will add you and update ur picture. BYE

-clubpenguin852 (game 2002)

10 11 2008

i do not need to do that because well jux go on your buudy list and u will find me

10 11 2008

ok what is ur penguin name?

30 01 2009

If anybody else wants there penguin’s picture up tell me your penguins name and when I can add you. (PST)

19 05 2009

hey ur header is done! just go to the pick up page.

-Spikeike9 :mrgreen:
(i put my signature on but its faded)

19 05 2009


9 07 2009

Wow cool penguins but my is much more rare it over 4 years old! viva club penguin!
I so much member and non member items!

9 07 2009
Pizza Master

Hi my club penguin account’s name is Pizza Master. I’m not that rare. I only have some Items. PS. (I”m a member!)

July 9th 2009

28 07 2009

We gotta meet on cp

~Hunghunghui 8)

28 07 2009

ok but where?

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