Coins For Change Results

2 01 2010

Hey, The coins for change results were in. There was the total of 1000,000 virtual coins donated. Here are how many were donated for each cause:

The Environment:

Sick kids:

Poor kids:


Admin Contest!!!

29 09 2009

Hey guys, I’ve been really busy lately so I decided to have a contest and the winner gets to be Admin! Also I need a membership or a toy coin code, so here is what you have to do:

  1. Comment on this post and say I would like to donate a membership or coin code.
  2. Then email me at with the code.
  3. The first person to email me gets to be admin.
  4. Then I will make a post with the winners name.

Sooooooooooooo Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

Oh ya, aslo I changed my nickname to Sean because I’m posting on different sites with different topics.


I Met Surfer3545!

24 08 2009

Hey, I was on Pandanda on maple, ( in case you don’t know its just another online game) in Bear Hollow when there was a big crowd and I thought Henry was there but then I found out it was Surfer3435, He is famous for his blog on CP, so later I asked him if he could go on CP and he said ok, luckily none else on pandanda saw him say hes goin on Cp, lol. So I got a few pics, here they are:


That is Surfer3545 on Pandanda in the red circle.


This is when we went on to CP, lol I didn’t need to highlight but thats me in the red circle and Surfer3435 in the black circle.


Party Moved. :(

19 08 2009

Hey guys, some bad news, I am going somewhere on Thursday the 20th, so the party will be moved to the 22nd, same time and place, sorry about that.


2,000 Hits Party!

15 08 2009

Hey Guys, I counted up the votes in the poll and the results said that we should have a party! So here is my party invite:


Thanks to Blowsight10 for making it for me, Here is her blog . Also I decided that there will be 5 Featured Penguins and the best dressed will get a rare Penguin which was a member you can activate it again cuz it has cool member stuff. Here is the info if you can’t read the invite:

Clubpenguin852’s 2,000 Hits Party!

When: August 20, 2009 At 4:00Pm PST

Where: North Pole, Snow Forts

Why: 2,000 Hits!

Who: Everyone

Extras: 5 Featured Penguins, Rare Penguin Giveaway to the best dressed or most active!


New Penguin Color! (Aqua)

8 08 2009

NOTE: This post is sticks scroll down for the latest post.

The newspaper released that the the new penguin color is…Aqua! To me it almost looks like light blue lol! Anyways this is how it looks like in club penguin:


Comment and tell what you think should have been the new color.

2,000 Hits Party!

5 08 2009

Hey guys, I was thinking about having a 2,000 hits party because we are really close! Since I’m not really sure I decided to let you the audience  decide. Here’s the poll: