Arrive Of Rockhopper And Series 6!

16 12 2009

Hey People!
It seems that rockhopper has been traveling around the servers with a new background, but it’s the same thing! :/
In other news, SERIES 6 has just came out! :D
Here are some cheats:

upload pictures

Pretty sweet huh? : P

I know! It rocks! LOL But the thing is it’s too fast oh well!

I’ll try harder next time :wink:



Long Updates

20 11 2009

Hello people!


Will start with the new pin! (CLICK TO ENLARGE :WINK: )

In the coffee shop!

Now the dojo is FINALLY updated!

Pretty cool huh? :D

The better igloo Catalog is out!

And yay! Cause the new IGLOO UPGRADE CATALOG is out!

There’s something new! Pretty cool huh? :wink:


New Updates!

14 11 2009

First OF ALL! Sorry for not posting!

Here’s some fresh Cp news and updates:

Ok, so finally there’s the new cp dojo fire! FIRE IS OUT!


And here what it looks like when you enter the portal!


Pretty sweet huh?

Here’s the newspaper-




♣Front Cover


♣Next Page


♣The New Play has arrived today!


♣There will be a Great snow maze coming November 27 :D


Special Events


I saw ninja O dark!

People says he’s not real and he is real!

But he isn’t real! Look! So I guess he won’t be our sensi!

Weird huh? ^.^

That’s all the updates for now!

-Ellen90999 AKA Tatata

New Author!:D

4 08 2009


My name is Ellen90999 and I’m a new worker here!

This is an AWESOME blog and I want it to make it the BEST EVER!

Here’s a little about me:

CP Name-Ellen90999

Why I picked that name-Because I picked it out random beacause I didn’t know what name to pick

Member-No(but I unlocked 5 items)

I live in America.

I have a Club Penguin Blog too.

I like to play sports, like soccer swimming and other sports I forgot it’s name.

Online games I play-

Club Penguin And Pandanda(pandanda is in beta mode!)

Personally, I like Cp better than pandanda.

That’s all!