cp history

     Hello penguins,

 Here is a page with club penguin history from October 2005 to september 2007. Some of these pis might be blury. You can click on the picturs to see them bigger.


Club Penguin Beta

on september 2005 the beta party hats were given out in town.

Club Penguin Halloween 

After the beta test party the halloween party was here.

Club penguin Clothing

A while after the party the  main catolog arrived with all the main colours.

Club Penguin

Later when more members joined there were more people in the gift shop so then they made the sports shop.

Club Penguin Furniture

The first furniture catolog was realeased on January 2006

Club Penguin Puffle Round Up

Then the the game Puffle Roundup was made in the puffle shop.


Near that time a new moderator joined he was Gizmo.

Club Penguin Servers

Then the servers were updated and divided in to 3 countries. (Austalia was not added yet)


In March they allowed penguins to buy puffles for their igloo.

Club Penguin Connect 4

In April the connect four game was released in the Attic.

Cart SUrfer

In June the game Cart surfer was released in mine.

Throught 2006 there were a lot of mjor updates here they are.





In 2007 a lot more members joined.





I hope you all enjoyed these pics. you can comment and tell me how you like these pics.


3 responses

9 07 2009
Pizza Master

wow very historical pics.

9 07 2009


3 08 2009

Wow these are some awesome story line pictures! 🙂 😀 🙂

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