Hello Penguins,

On this page you can donate anything that you don’t really need. Here is a list of things you can donate.

  • WordPress Credits (I really need them)
  • Penguin Accounts
  • Coins Codes
  • Club Penguin Memberships

Here is stuff I can give you in return.

  • Blog Roll for as long as you want
  • Make you a header for your blog
  • Meet me on Club Penguin
  • Get your blog advertised on mine.

So please if you can donate some thing from the first list and in return I will give you two things from the second list. (Your Choice Which Ones)


4 responses

9 07 2009
Pizza Master

i can do the coin code. in return I want to meet you. My user name is Pizza Master

10 07 2009

Ok I will meet you on the server slushy and at the snow forts July 10th 5:00 PST.

6 10 2009

name : *****
password : *******

please pour me on your blogroll

PS : My blog is in spanish you need to traduced

6 10 2009

thanks for the donation, I added you to my blogroll!

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