2,000 Hits Party!

15 08 2009

Hey Guys, I counted up the votes in the poll and the results said that we should have a party! So here is my party invite:


Thanks to Blowsight10 for making it for me, Here is her blog http://blowsight10.com . Also I decided that there will be 5 Featured Penguins and the best dressed will get a rare Penguin which was a member you can activate it again cuz it has cool member stuff. Here is the info if you can’t read the invite:

Clubpenguin852’s 2,000 Hits Party!

When: August 20, 2009 At 4:00Pm PST

Where: North Pole, Snow Forts

Why: 2,000 Hits!

Who: Everyone

Extras: 5 Featured Penguins, Rare Penguin Giveaway to the best dressed or most active!



New Penguin Color! (Aqua)

8 08 2009

NOTE: This post is sticks scroll down for the latest post.

The newspaper released that the the new penguin color is…Aqua! To me it almost looks like light blue lol! Anyways this is how it looks like in club penguin:


Comment and tell what you think should have been the new color.

2,000 Hits Party!

5 08 2009

Hey guys, I was thinking about having a 2,000 hits party because we are really close! Since I’m not really sure I decided to let you the audience  decide. Here’s the poll:



New Author!:D

4 08 2009


My name is Ellen90999 and I’m a new worker here!

This is an AWESOME blog and I want it to make it the BEST EVER!

Here’s a little about me:

CP Name-Ellen90999

Why I picked that name-Because I picked it out random beacause I didn’t know what name to pick

Member-No(but I unlocked 5 items)

I live in America.

I have a Club Penguin Blog too.

I like to play sports, like soccer swimming and other sports I forgot it’s name.

Online games I play-

Club Penguin And Pandanda(pandanda is in beta mode!)

Personally, I like Cp better than pandanda.

That’s all!


Hey Guys!

25 07 2009

Hey Hunghunghui here!!

I an just posting to tell you what is coming up! I will start updating this site sometime next week due to how busy I am with my own site. I am making widgets for both sites and header backgrounds, so I am pertty busy. Hopefully Cp852 can update all of the updates for this week.

See ya!,

~Hunghunghui 8)

New Author!

17 07 2009

As you can see I have not been posting in a while. So I decided it was time I got some help on posting. I added this person to my blog because when I started my blog he helped me get started by making me a new header. This person is…Hunghunghui. So I would like to Welcome Hunghunghui To the Blog! I think this will be a great help so we can update you guys with the latest news. I look forward to knowing you more.


Club Penguin Releases Spanish Language

30 06 2009

Club Penguin just released there fourth language which is spanish! The languages are English, Portuguese, French and now Spanish! Here are some common Spanish words from the Club Penguin Blog…

 Hello! -¡Hola!
Welcome! –  ¡Bienvenidos!
Congratulations! – ¡Felicitaciones!
Waddle on! – ¡A pingüinear!
You’re cool! -¡Eres genial

They said that there might be a few bugs but so far I didn’t find any.

Also I made a new music video, its on the song kiss kiss by Tpain and Chris Brown, But I’m still working on it. I might publish it later.